Virginia Aquaculture Oyster Growers in Region
#7. Tidewater

Use this regional flavor guide for Virginia Aquaculture Oysters to choose just the right oyster for the occasion.

The table at the end of this list below expresses the salinity of the growing region, as well as providing a scale rating for saltiness, sweetness, and buttery/creaminess.

Image of Oyster Growing Regions: 1. Seaside, 2. Upper Bay Eastern Shore, 3. Lower Bay Eastern Shore, 4. Upper Bay Western Shore, 5. Middle Bay Western Shore, 6. Lower Bay Western Shore, 7. Tidewater, 8. Tangier/Middle Chesapeake Bay

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Company NamePhone NumberWebsiteLocationMore Contact Info
Barretts Neck Seafood LLC.757-685-1730 SuffolkMore Contact Info
Great Neck Oysters757-322-0692 Virginia BeachMore Contact Info
Riggins Enterprises LLC757-868-0516 YorktownMore Contact Info
First Landing Seafood Company firstlandingseafood.comVirginia BeachMore Contact Info
Reel Fishin’ Seafood LLC757-438-8420 SuffolkMore Contact Info
Lynnhaven Oyster Club LLC540-808-7389www.lynnhavenoysterclub.comVirginia BeachMore Contact Info
Nomini Bay Oyster Ranch703-350-3797www.nboysters.comNokesvilleMore Contact Info
Poquoson Pride Shellfish Co.757-778-2043 PoquosonMore Contact Info
First Landing Seafood Co., LLC443-691-4626firstlandingseafood.comVirginia BeachMore Contact Info
Cappahosic Oyster Company404-805-1025www.cappahosicoyster.comGloucesterMore Contact Info

Virginia Aquaculture Oyster Regional Flavors

1-2 : Barely Perceptible
3-4 : Slightly
5-6 : Moderate
7-8 : Very Noticeable
9 : Strong

Region Salinity Range Saltiness Buttery/Creamy Sweetness Comments
#1 Seaside 28-32 9 3 3 Initial bold saltiness mellowing into a taste of sweet butter/cream at the finish.
#2 Upper Bay Eastern Shore 16-18 5 1 3 Classic Virginia bay oyster flavor with balanced salt and sweet with a savory finish.
#3 Lower Bay Eastern Shore 18-22 7 3 3 Salty and Creamy with mellow sweetness and a quick finish.
#4 Upper Bay Western Shore 10-17 5 2 2 Sweetwater oyster with a light cream taste.
#5 Middle Bay Western Shore 16-18 5 3 3 Lightly salty with easily distinguished cream or butter and a pleasant slight minerality.
#6 Lower Bay Western Shore 16-18 5 2 2 Mild saltiness moving to a sweet finish.
#7 Tidewater 16-30 8 2 2 Salty oyster with a sweetness and a smooth finish.
#8 Tangier/Middle Chesapeake Bay 16-18 5 5 4 Traditional Virginia Bay Oyster flavor with a balance of salt and sweet, and a savory butter/cream finish.