April 11, 2023VMPB NBC 12 Blue Catfish Segment

Mike Hutt of the Virginia Marine Products Board was on Channel 12 News March 28th, 2023, discussing Virginia Wild Blue Catfish. Mike Hutt informed the host of the history of Blue Catfish in Virginia waters, the spread of the Blue Catfish into the Chesapeake Bay watershed, and the danger the Blue Catfish poses to native Virginia species. Mike Hutt was also able to use the opportunity to discuss the great flavor of Wild Blue Catfish, and to demonstrate this along with Chef Winslow Goodier who cooked pan seared wild blue catfish fillet. The news crew got to see firsthand live why Wild Blue Catfish is quickly becoming one of Virginia’s top commercial seafood items. Below is a link to the segment.

VMPB NBC 12 Blue Catfish Segment