April 16, 2021Virginia Sea Scallops

It is never a bad time of year for some tender and sweet Virginia Sea Scallops!

While fish are often named after objects they resemble, in the case of the scallop it is the shellfish which has lent its name to other items. A scalloped hemline, for instance, resembles the fluting of the shell. Scalloped potatoes were named for their large shells once used as baking and serving containers for that dish. It is also the only bivalve to have a patron saint. The apostle St. James wore the shell as his personal emblem, which later became a badge for pilgrims who visited his shrine in the Middle Ages. Hence, coquille Saint-Jacques.

Scallops are harvested by dredging in deep offshore waters. They are available fresh in gallons, frozen in 5 and 10 pound blocks, or individually frozen in 1 and 5 pound boxes or bags. When it comes to sizing Scallops are designated according to count per pound: under 10 per pound, 10-20 per pound; 20-30 per pound; 30-40 per pound.

Why not find out for yourself what all the hype is about and try some Virginia Scallops today? Check with your local retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and restaurants to find out how you can get your hands on this delicious treat.