October 12, 2022Fall In Love With Virginia Seafood!

We now are fully into the Autumn weather and with the second week of National Seafood Month under way the VMPB would like to tell you about some delicious species to add to your fall festivities. There’s plenty of time to get fresh delicious Blue Crab before the end of the year, if you are looking for something that has a little more of a variety in taste you can look to Virginia Oysters. With Virginia’s unique mix of salt and fresh water there are eight different regions of Virginia Oysters each with their own different salinity levels and flavors. Hard Clams and Sea Scallops are two other varieties of shellfish available fresh and local year-round in Virginia. Some popular finfish in Virginia is Blue Catfish, Rockfish, Croaker, and Flounder. Each of these are white fish with varying degrees of flakiness and firmness, but each possess a slightly sweet delicate flavor. The Blue Catfish in particular adheres well to a variety of different seasonings and cooking methods. For more information on retailers and recipes on these products go to our website links below.